Ready to Make a Shift?

Stop circling with the same thoughts and problems over and over and finally land.

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It is so easy to get stuck in our heads.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I have done everything I can to understand how to overcome the physical and mental toll of fear-based thinking.

One of the worst aspects of anxiety is that you can resist trying new things. Stunt Writing was created to help students stretch boundaries with an organized process that can be applied to any situation.

This class asks you to get to know your own mind and move past the issues that arise. Each week has a series of prompts and exercises meant to guide you through stretching your understanding of who you are and what is possible.

Stunt Writing has been used by thousands of students to shift their perspective and test ideas.

While every student may have a unique inquiry, Stunt Writing takes you through a 5-week plan of learning to look at the issue differently by stretching your point of view using experiential exercises and writing prompts.

Imagine you could have a systematic way to try new ideas, perspectives and stretch your boundaries

Build a Growth Mindset

Thrive when facing challenges and see failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching your existing abilities.

Overcome Resistance

By creating a structured plan, you will begin to recognize your resistance towards change and gain tools to help you move through your de facto settings and easy responses.

Face "Shoulds, Coulds and Woulds"

Does the person you want to be feel far away?  By using a structured program you can look at one issue at a time and decide which changes truly align with your future.

If you are looking for a program to become mentally stronger you have come to the right place.


Stunt Writing for Personal Growth!

This 5-week program includes video lectures, writing prompts, group calls so you can make a structured plan for investigating your core issue.

For those ready for life-altering change.

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You will discover how to…

Identify Issues

By committing to writing 30 minutes a day, you will start to find patterns. What comes up is the material you will use to create a stunt plan.

The Prism Method

There is no one way of looking at an issue. By using different "lenses" of geography, race, gender, history, and class we can gain insight.

Improve Communication

Writing is a way to improve your emotional vocabulary. The better you can describe your feelings and story, the better you can be understood and connect with others.

Upend Patterns

It is very common to do the same thing over and over because we have become accustomed to a conditioned response. We can bring awareness to our habits.

Push Past Blocks

By following the framework laid out in Stunt Writing you will have the framework you need to push through perfectionism, fear, and shame.

Connect to Courage

This class asks you to keep going, and answer the questions that you can not stop asking yourself.

Stunt Writing was created to show us we can change.

I was teaching creative writing in my living room in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to have the trust of a group of intelligent forward-thinking students.

Whether we were disappointed about our jobs, not feeling creative, wanting to heal wounds of the past, trying to get out of a rut we all wanted to change something in our lives.

Stunt Writing became a way to approach our hangups, fears, and false narratives about ourselves by trying out new things - stories, personas, activities, or points of view.

When it was clear how fun it can be, I started teaching the same class to thousands of students from around the world who over and over again told me it had changed their lives.


Plus You Get These Bonuses

Stunt Writing PDF

This booklet includes the basic structure of the class.

Two Group Calls

One call to start off the group and help define stunts and a final call to show off our findings.

1-on-1 Opportunities

Registered students will have first dibs on one-on-one opportunities.

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Meet your Instructor

I have an MFA in Creative Writing and have been published in numerous journals. I have also been awarded residencies at Jentel, Djerassi, and the Vermont Studio Center. I have been teaching classes in person and on the web since 2013, with the launch of

My philosophy is that everyone has a story to tell, and that writing is a deeply therapeutic modality. Writing has been scientifically proven to help alleviate anxiety, improve resilience, boost immunity and alleviate stress.

Here’s Why You'll Love Stunt Writing:

It's fun.

Pick the issue you'd like to focus on.

It works.

Creating your plan is easy.

It's inspiring.

The framework can be applied to anything.

It's life-changing.

Breakthrough old patterns.


This Is For:

  • Individuals who find that they are always dealing with the same issues, over and over
  • People who looking to experience growth and mental shifts

This Is Not For:

  • Students who have a hard time being self-motivated
  • Individuals who are not looking for any type of change in their lives

I did it! I completed my stunt and learned so much about myself and how my preconceived notions get in the way of everyday life. This process has been exhausting, exciting, and never-ending. My future will never be the same.

This course has allowed me to try out new ways to combat the issues preoccupying me these days. In some small way, these stunts show a way forward through the difficulties I have been experiencing lately.

I’m taking the class again the next time around as I believe the writing process you’re teaching is one a person can never stop growing from.

I look forward to taking, if possible, all future courses you teach.

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Why is NOW the time to make a SHIFT? 

The world is changed when we change. When we understand our own motivations we can better comprehend others. When we learn to be kind to ourselves and practice self-compassion we gain the ability to be better and kinder to those around us. 


Changing the world starts from within.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I want this!

Rolling admission now open! Enjoy the class at your pace, on your schedule but still receive two one-on-one calls.

Multiple Payments

Two payments of $150

  • Stunt Writing PDF
  • Planning Worksheets
  • 5 Modules
  • 2 Group Calls
  • Access to the Stunt Writing Class materials for 6 months
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One Time Payment

One Payment Of $300

  • Stunt Writing PDF
  • Planning Worksheets
  • 5 Modules
  • 2 Group Calls
  • Access to the Stunt Writing Class materials for 6 months
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