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The Harmony Between Circles and Squares: Writing Prompt

In therapy circles, there is a concept known as integration. It is where you take what has happened or experienced and bring it into your understanding of the world - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As the world goes through the process of understanding Covid, systemic inequality, and our relationships to each other and technology we have to take that inside.

The words that come to mind for me are "squaring the circle." How do we combine the circle with its opposite, the square? It is sort of an alchemy to take that leap between the two - and it is interesting to use the paintings inspired by Trancendentalist ideas (more below in creative links) to show how the two can come together.

In 1882, the Lindemann–Weierstrass theorem proved that the task of squaring the circle is impossible, yet I would say that the there is a space between the possible and impossible. Therein lies the conversation between intellect (what we know is true) and emotion (what...

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Writing Prompt: Tending the Pain Garden

Have you ever met someone who seems addicted to their own pain?

Trauma may be what they know, or feel most comfortable with. Familiarity can be a false love – which is how we can become accustomed to keeping and tending our own little pain garden. Just like weeds, the stories in our pain garden are familiar, insidious, and help hold together the plot (as in story or the land we sow).

It is why people joke around that “they married their mother” or why adult children of alcoholics sometimes unconsciously choose a partner with similar unpredictable behaviors in their adult life – it may be bad, but it is what feels comfortable.

Imagine your pain as a 3 x 5 garden – what is in there? The red poppies of thwarted desire, the desiccated vines of hunger? The showy roses of damaged pride? In mine, I have the controlling trellises of perfectionism.

Writing Prompt: After imagining your pain garden, see what could grow there instead that is more nourishing....

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