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The Benefits of Movement for Creative Growth


Move Your Body, Do the Verb, and Keep it Moving!

A round-up of ideas from across the web on why movement is so important to growth:

The Philosopher:

“When humans don’t learn how to move their bodily selves, Nietzsche insists, their senses grow dull and they lose the capacity to discern what is good for them. He asks: where are the ‘Books that teach us to dance’? Here, dance assumes a role it will play throughout Nietzsche’s writing as a litmus test for any value, idea, practice or person. Does it dance? Does it catalyse a joyful affirmation of life?” Read more at Aeon Magazine

The Choreographer:

Choreographer Twyla Tharp, 78, has a new book called Keep it Moving, in which she writes, "After we terrorize ourselves with self-doubt, our only relief is to get moving again.” Read more about her point of view in the New York Times Magazine. 

The Writer:

Austin Kleon (on Design Matters with Debbie...

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