Erin Jourdan Berrios

👋  Hi, I'm Erin.

I was obsessed with writing and reading as a child, and my first job out of college was at St. Martin's Press in New York City.  Since then, I have taught thousands of writers around the world with a focus on using writing as a tool for self understanding, acceptance of change, and dealing with trauma.

The classes I've created come directly from the extensive research I've done into the science-backed benefits of writing - and how writing heals.

I've been teaching writing in Los Angeles since 2013 when I launched I have an MFA in Creative Writing, been published in numerous magazines and journals and has been a Fellow at Jentel and Djerrasi Artist Residency programs.

As the LA Times has pointed out, "academics trace the idea of writing as therapy to the time of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II, about 1,200 BC.” I also believe that our desire to write is ancient, important, and worth pursuing as a part of a regimen of self-acceptance and spiritual health.  


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